A New Year

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What’s up, peeps? I’m finally back after a month. Combining the Christmas season, family, a cold, and working on a freelance job, it’s been fairly hectic. Oh, and put in the fact I wanted a day off or two to just rest. But I’m back and hoping to post more often!

It’s a bit late, but here’s a New Year comic I drew in a moment of inspiration. Hope you like it!near year comic

Jordy and Aaron


I drew this picture of Jordy and Aaron, using my colored pencils this way for the first time ever. I’m a massive Green Bay Packers fan. I miss Jordy like crazy, and I believe Aaron and the Packers do as well. They could use his receiver leadership right now and he had a chemistry with Aaron that can’t be rivaled. Seeing Jordy in the Raiders uniform makes me sad. I really wish the Packers could’ve given Aaron and Jordy a second Super Bowl ring together like they deserved. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

JA_horiz_1JA_horiz_2JA_horiz_3I hope Jordy gets another ring, with or without the Packers. Preferably with the Packers though. 😉

Hope Aaron gets one too! He deserves it.

The Avengers



I’ve been having some fun in Illustrator. Experimenting with different styles and such. I’m currently trying anime, but I have no finished product yet.

So I drew this slight cartoon version of the Avengers. Let me know what you think!

marvel cartoon drawing

I so happened to finish it yesterday, on the day of Stan Lee’s passing. I pray that his family may be comforted in this difficult time.


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Hello! It’s been a while. Life just keeps getting in the way. Shame on it. I also came down with a nasty cold but have since mostly recovered. Yeah, my energy level isn’t quite where it should be yet.

Anyway …

I thought I’d share a video, yes another one, about Disney’s animation. This video so well explains it. And may I add the editing in this video is absolutely phenomenal. Disney’s animation is by far my favorite and sometimes I can’t help watching a certain segment from a movie over and over again because the animation is just so pleasing to the eye. It’s something I hope to achieve in my own animation. The idea of taking 3D models or drawings to life and telling a story through them is amazing. I love it so much. So, without further ado, here it is. Enjoy!

Carved Hearts

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So I’ve been wanting to learn how to carve wood for a while now. It runs in the family. My grandpa and my great-grandpa did it. Both of them made beautiful things and I wish dearly to learn the craft myself. Before he passed away, my grandpa sent me a couple of small projects with a couple of small items to finish it with. I finished one but not the other one quite yet. And classes cost money. So why not try to learn on your own with the wood lying around nearby?

I was given a handheld jigsaw for Christmas and got some carving tools for my birthday a couple years back. So I decided to make something simple for my parent’s 33rd anniversary: wooden hearts. I also used a wood burning tool to write something on them. I used some wood from a old, rickety bunk bed we use to have lying around. Disclaimer: this is my first time ever carving anything. This is also for the first time I’ve ever woodburned anything. So here are some progress photos.


First thing I did was pencil in the shape of the hearts and the words I wanted on there.


I actually had to remake the smaller heart. If you squint, you can see a small opening in it. Since some of it was hollow, it caused major problems when trying to fine tune the shape of the heart. So I made myself another one.


Now that I have both of them more finely shaped, it’s time to break out those carving tools.


It’s a little better in this one, but definitely needs to be sandpapered.


Now for the woodburning! And FYI, when they say you need to sandpaper the surface of the wood so that it’s super smooth, believe them. The smoother the surface, the better it’ll work.


“Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?” is song by Anne Murray. It’s my mom and dad’s special song.


The finished product!


And it even made to the wall of family pictures!

Art-wise, it can definitely use some improvement but for a first time, it’s not too terrible. Especially when you feel like you know almost ziltch about the proper way of doing it.

What do you think? What type of saw should I get next? I only own the jigsaw, and while it’s nice, I’m going to need to get several different types. Do you have any wood-carving tips? Would love to hear any if you guys have some!

Gotta run. Life duties are calling. I’ll be back next week!