Jordy and Aaron


I drew this picture of Jordy and Aaron, using my colored pencils this way for the first time ever. I’m a massive Green Bay Packers fan. I miss Jordy like crazy, and I believe Aaron and the Packers do as well. They could use his receiver leadership right now and he had a chemistry with Aaron that can’t be rivaled. Seeing Jordy in the Raiders uniform makes me sad. I really wish the Packers could’ve given Aaron and Jordy a second Super Bowl ring together like they deserved. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

JA_horiz_1JA_horiz_2JA_horiz_3I hope Jordy gets another ring, with or without the Packers. Preferably with the Packers though. 😉

Hope Aaron gets one too! He deserves it.

The Avengers



I’ve been having some fun in Illustrator. Experimenting with different styles and such. I’m currently trying anime, but I have no finished product yet.

So I drew this slight cartoon version of the Avengers. Let me know what you think!

marvel cartoon drawing

I so happened to finish it yesterday, on the day of Stan Lee’s passing. I pray that his family may be comforted in this difficult time.


Art, Media

Hello! It’s been a while. Life just keeps getting in the way. Shame on it. I also came down with a nasty cold but have since mostly recovered. Yeah, my energy level isn’t quite where it should be yet.

Anyway …

I thought I’d share a video, yes another one, about Disney’s animation. This video so well explains it. And may I add the editing in this video is absolutely phenomenal. Disney’s animation is by far my favorite and sometimes I can’t help watching a certain segment from a movie over and over again because the animation is just so pleasing to the eye. It’s something I hope to achieve in my own animation. The idea of taking 3D models or drawings to life and telling a story through them is amazing. I love it so much. So, without further ado, here it is. Enjoy!

Carved Hearts

Art, My Life

So I’ve been wanting to learn how to carve wood for a while now. It runs in the family. My grandpa and my great-grandpa did it. Both of them made beautiful things and I wish dearly to learn the craft myself. Before he passed away, my grandpa sent me a couple of small projects with a couple of small items to finish it with. I finished one but not the other one quite yet. And classes cost money. So why not try to learn on your own with the wood lying around nearby?

I was given a handheld jigsaw for Christmas and got some carving tools for my birthday a couple years back. So I decided to make something simple for my parent’s 33rd anniversary: wooden hearts. I also used a wood burning tool to write something on them. I used some wood from a old, rickety bunk bed we use to have lying around. Disclaimer: this is my first time ever carving anything. This is also for the first time I’ve ever woodburned anything. So here are some progress photos.


First thing I did was pencil in the shape of the hearts and the words I wanted on there.


I actually had to remake the smaller heart. If you squint, you can see a small opening in it. Since some of it was hollow, it caused major problems when trying to fine tune the shape of the heart. So I made myself another one.


Now that I have both of them more finely shaped, it’s time to break out those carving tools.


It’s a little better in this one, but definitely needs to be sandpapered.


Now for the woodburning! And FYI, when they say you need to sandpaper the surface of the wood so that it’s super smooth, believe them. The smoother the surface, the better it’ll work.


“Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?” is song by Anne Murray. It’s my mom and dad’s special song.


The finished product!


And it even made to the wall of family pictures!

Art-wise, it can definitely use some improvement but for a first time, it’s not too terrible. Especially when you feel like you know almost ziltch about the proper way of doing it.

What do you think? What type of saw should I get next? I only own the jigsaw, and while it’s nice, I’m going to need to get several different types. Do you have any wood-carving tips? Would love to hear any if you guys have some!

Gotta run. Life duties are calling. I’ll be back next week!


Art, My Life

Hey, everyone!

My original idea for this week’s post won’t be done in time. It was to be last week’s too so …. yeah. Maybe it’ll happen this week – if life will have it. So I’m going to talk about my life instead. I know you’re super excited so let’s go.

I started learning a new 3D software yesterday. You know that free one that fellow starving artists love to tell me about. It’s Blender. I have to tell you going from Maya to Blender is a absolute pain. I still use Maya for my demo reel purposes. Creating new animation for the purpose of continual learning and improving my skills.

I’m using Blender to create and rig models so I could make a 3D five minute or so film. There is a reason why Blender is free. While it’ll probably get better as I get use to it, I feel like simple tasks such as rotating objects, moving about in the scene, selecting objects, etc. is unnecessarily hard. If Maya wasn’t so darn expensive, I would ditch this software faster than speeding bullet.

I’m also trying to improve my painting skills. How does one shade properly with paint? It’s so hard. Is there a specific kind of paint that is best for shading? I’m not sure but I’ve got plenty of research to do. How about I share my journey of learning how to paint properly with y’all. Most people share it after they’ve done it. I’ll share it with you as I go along. So fellow new painters, come join me! Leave comments about what you learn, your journey, and anything you can think of!

I’m also trying to teach myself how to carve wood. I can’t afford classes at the moment so YouTube and Google is going to have to be sufficient. I carved a couple of things for my parent’s anniversary – pictures to come – but it was super simple. I have a couple of projects in mind that I’d like to do. I also have a wood burning kit that I’d like to toy around more often. So many new things to learn, so little time.

In other news, my Korean sister-in-law is now officially a American citizen! So cool! It must feel weird; to be born in another country and later in life becoming a citizen of another. But it’s awesome. A party will be thrown for her soon.

Anywho, that’s all I have for now. Toodles for now!




Designed Chest by Yours Truly


Hey, everyone! I can’t believe it’s been over a week already since I’ve posted! I’m back and here to share another art project I undertook a few months ago.

I bought this perfect shaped, sturdy toy chest from the thrift store. It wasn’t very pretty looking though. It was a pleasant shade of brown, but had a lot of tiny scratches, of which some were deep, all over it. I bought it, thinking that, with some work and a personal touch, it would make a great birthday present for a little brother of mine.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture before I spray painted it. But here are some progress photos nonetheless!


First up, I washed it with those rags you see to the left. I also have the chest lying  down in such a way so I could spray paint as much of it as I possibly could at once (I only used one can – and not even all of it!). I laid some cardboard underneath it so I wouldn’t get any paint on the driveway. I wasn’t completely successful. There is some outline of a faint, blue paint on the driveway to this very day.


And you simply must have coffee when working on a project. 🙂 Be sure to keep it a safe distance from where you’re spray painting! And it’s best drunk from a Donald Duck sketch mug. 🙂


Once done spray painting the blue, I painted a Jo Sports logo on both sides. Yes, it is remarkably similar to FOX Sports, which is on purpose. I wish I could take credit for it, but my brother Josiah, for whom this chest is for, designed this logo a while back. Which is why it’s Jo Sports. The other side looks a little better, but I won’t bore you with another picture.


And here we have the top of the chest! It is the name of Josiah’s YouTube channel (here I will unashamedly leave link to his cool trick shot video: (

He also came up with this font. I’m just hand painting on there. I lightly penciled the words on the chest and then painted it white. I then outlined the words with black to give the white a slight more pop to it.


Here you see the front of the chest with the super faint outline of a helmet. I used a white pencil since the blue was actually pretty dark.


Here, if you squint, you can see the outline of the helmet on the chest still. You can also see my reference picture to the left there on my laptop.


Painting in the white part of the helmet!


Josiah created all of the designs of these helmets you will see. I hand painted them all on the chest. I also outlined all of the helmets with black to give it that pop.


All four helmets lined up with one helmet not quite done yet. With the exception of the tornado on the helmet on the far right, I painted in the logos first then painted the surface of the helmet. Usually you’d do it the other way, but I had penciled the logos in and had to see it to get the them right. If I had done the background first, I wouldn’t see the penciled in logos anymore and surely would’ve messed them up.


A closer in pic of the unfinished helmet. As you can see, I’m painting the background now. Touch up will be required for the logo since I will have to make absolutely certain that you cannot see any blue with the helmet.


And the finished product on the front! A quick fun fact: to get the shape of the helmet itself  as consistent as possible, I traced the outline of the helmet of the far right one unto a clear piece of paper. Then I traced the outline of the paper unto the chest for the last three helmets. I had to the flip paper, draw one line on chest, flip paper, draw one line one chest, etc. method. All those years of tracing a picture in a coloring book unto a regular sheet of paper really paid off! 😀


Here you actually see evidence of the black outline around the letters. You can see the O intersecting the J. And the same with the C with the O.


A picture of the front and top of the chest.


And … here’s the last picture!

I was able to get my hands on all of Josiah’s designs without him knowing it, thank goodness. I had fun doing it. I have more art projects mind in the future, but I need more furniture.

I hoped you enjoy the progress pictures! Let me know what you think in the comments below!