Ranking the Marvel/DC Movies


I finally started seeing some Marvel/DC movies a little while ago. My first time ever watching these films. I know. How shocking. So I figured you’d be dying to know how I would rank the six films I’ve seen so far. I ranked them from the best to worst. Writing-wise, anyway. I will be definitely seeing more in the future.

Also, if you haven’t seen any of these movies, don’t read any further. A major spoil alert warning has been issued.

1) Thor: The Dark World

If you told me a year ago that I would be ranking a Thor movie first, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would’ve probably said Captain America. Or a Avengers movie. Maybe Wonder Woman. But the writing for this movie is great. The only one so far with the best twists. Its also the most deserving of its near two hour length.

Loki is an amazing character. And the actor does a superb job. The other actors did really well, but Tom Hiddleston took the cake.

One flaw: Jane Foster is as boring as her name. Natalie Portman did her part well; it’s just the writing of the character was bland. Perhaps Foster shined more in the first Thor movie, but definitely not here. And a quick, special shout out to Kat Dennnings who portrayed Darcy, another excellent character.

2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Gotta say I love Cap and Natasha as a team. Or as a couple … never mind, I won’t go there.

The actors and the characters have great chemistry. A nice, special friendship was born between them. The characters also grew, which is always nice to see in movies.

There is humor in this movie and it’s not overdone. Best lines are: “Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.” (So true, y’all! Don’t do it!) and then my man Falcon’s line, “I made breakfast. If you guys eat that sort of thing.”

Falcon is also a good addition. He became what Bucky would’ve been if he hadn’t tragically died when he fell off a train and down a cliff. Oh wait.

He’s actually alive! Except brainwashed and evil! Poor dude. That’s what you get for being a best friend of a superhero.

I will be honest. I didn’t initially realize in the Bucky reveal that it was … Bucky. And then, it didn’t do much for me afterward. I felt like I didn’t know him well enough. I am very curious though to see what happens to him next. It better end well. Don’t mess this up like you did with Peggy and Cap!

3) Wonder Woman

The deepest superhero movie yet. It’s true. You’re suppose to be gracious and loving to everyone – including the people who you feel especially don’t deserve it. Wonder Woman does stop the point mid sentence. She starts by saying, “It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe.”

I’m like, “Yes. And?”

“And I believe in love.”

Close. I’ll give the writers credit for taking it that far. I really do appreciate the point. But the rest of the sentence should be something like this: We love because God loved us first. We are some messed up human beings. We needed to be saved from ourselves. That’s why Jesus came down, took our place on the cross, and rose again. We are undeserving of such a loving act. So we should strive to be like Him. Such as giving out undeserved love and, yes, protection.

Diana and Steve were good characters. I also like the fact the sword wasn’t actually the god-killer. And it adds an interesting element that Diana is related to Ares.

The movie does have a few annoying flaws though. I don’t like it when the writers make what the good guys did as being essentially pointless at the end. Like when Wonder Woman and friends save the entire village and then the next day they are all dead. Let the good guys keep their moment!

Second, what’s with Diana’s mother not telling her what she needs to know about Ares? Diana’s leaving anyway! Give her all the info! Do it! The excuse, “The more she knows, the sooner he’ll find her,” doesn’t really fly at that point anymore. She’s looking for him. I’m pretty sure she’ll find him. The more she knows, the better equipped she’ll be.

Thirdly, the ending of the movie is far too similar to to the first Captain America movie. Just imagine Captain America on the ground and Agent Carter on the plane instead and – boom! – you have nearly the exact same ending.

4) The Avengers

The cast of characters were pretty good. We have a cool, mysterious female character in Natasha. We don’t see much of Hawkeye but what little we see is promising. He and Natasha seem to have a deep understanding of each other. I like how Bruce Banner was done. They picked the perfect actor for the job. He is a very likable character and you feel for him. Captain America strives to do what’s right. Tony … well, he’s a bit annoying. Arrogant, has no respect for authority, and cocky. Maybe I’ll like him more in the other movies but he gives a grating first impression.

People were suddenly cured by being whacked in the head (see the Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, and scientist man). The battle scenes were too long. It was like the film makers sat down and asked, “How many different ways can we punch an alien?” It gets old.

And the the government nuking NYC? I can assure you that would never happen. It’s terribly illogical. Not only you’ll destroy NYC and its innocent citizens, you’ll affect the surrounding cities. And the nuke won’t close the dumb portal where the aliens are coming from.

I will say this though. The best parts of the movie are better than Wonder Woman’s. And the characters are better here too. This movie somehow clicked more with me than Wonder Woman, even though I wanted to love it so bad. I especially love the scene between Loki and Natasha.

5) Captain America: The First Avenger

I like Captain America a lot. While he doesn’t have a flashy personality like Iron Man, he stands for what’s right. You just do it. Even when it’s hard and no one’s looking.

The problem with the story, not the characters, was that it was pretty predictable. After Cap becomes Cap, you can accurately guess what happens next and in so we lose some fun in watching the movie. Plus, it played on my pet peeve. Why can’t the good guy keep the girl? It’s predictable and incredibly annoying.

6) Dr. Strange

A positive was it was Inception-ish. Oh and final battle was unusually clever. Everything else was forgettable.

His “mentor” was a lady who seemed to spew off things that either made no sense or were morally wrong. At times, it felt Jedi-ish. Other times, it felt like it wanted to believe in some Eastern religion and have you worship the spirits in the trees. The movie improved when that bald lady was gone. Unfortunately, that was near the end of the movie. Thus, I can’t say I would recommend this movie. Or watch it again. It’s simply not worth my time.

And there you go! My overall rankings so far for the Marvel/DC movies. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, Captain America and the Black Widow are my favorite Avengers so far, followed closely with Bruce and Thor. I like Hawkeye, but I wish I knew his character better. Hey, Marvel, how about giving this man a movie? And I hear a Black Widow movie is finally in the works. Thank you.

Thanks for reading! Which Marvel film do you think I should see next? Let me know!

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