Art, My Life

Hey, everyone!

My original idea for this week’s post won’t be done in time. It was to be last week’s too so …. yeah. Maybe it’ll happen this week – if life will have it. So I’m going to talk about my life instead. I know you’re super excited so let’s go.

I started learning a new 3D software yesterday. You know that free one that fellow starving artists love to tell me about. It’s Blender. I have to tell you going from Maya to Blender is a absolute pain. I still use Maya for my demo reel purposes. Creating new animation for the purpose of continual learning and improving my skills.

I’m using Blender to create and rig models so I could make a 3D five minute or so film. There is a reason why Blender is free. While it’ll probably get better as I get use to it, I feel like simple tasks such as rotating objects, moving about in the scene, selecting objects, etc. is unnecessarily hard. If Maya wasn’t so darn expensive, I would ditch this software faster than speeding bullet.

I’m also trying to improve my painting skills. How does one shade properly with paint? It’s so hard. Is there a specific kind of paint that is best for shading? I’m not sure but I’ve got plenty of research to do. How about I share my journey of learning how to paint properly with y’all. Most people share it after they’ve done it. I’ll share it with you as I go along. So fellow new painters, come join me! Leave comments about what you learn, your journey, and anything you can think of!

I’m also trying to teach myself how to carve wood. I can’t afford classes at the moment so YouTube and Google is going to have to be sufficient. I carved a couple of things for my parent’s anniversary – pictures to come – but it was super simple. I have a couple of projects in mind that I’d like to do. I also have a wood burning kit that I’d like to toy around more often. So many new things to learn, so little time.

In other news, my Korean sister-in-law is now officially a American citizen! So cool! It must feel weird; to be born in another country and later in life becoming a citizen of another. But it’s awesome. A party will be thrown for her soon.

Anywho, that’s all I have for now. Toodles for now!




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